This They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk

This They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk

Elephants dwell in lush woods and vast savannas. These gentle giants have long attracted scientists and conservationists. Years of careful study and close observation have shown that elephants have a wide emotional range and a grief process similar to ours.
The dedicated conservation scientist George Wittemyer from Colorado State University has devoted his career studying elephants. He showed National Geographic the complicated and fascinating ways these beautiful beasts handle the death of a herd member.
“Elephants have respect for their dead,” Wittemyer said, “but their interaction with their dead is not something we fully understand.” Researchers are interested by this odd behavior, which reveals that when these animals lose a member, they react from profound emotions.
This amazing revelation was disclosed by Twitter user Parveen Kaswan in a video about elephants’ emotional intelligence and grief process. The clip depicts a tranquil road with no traffic and people marveling at an astonishing sight.
A majestic herd of elephants crosses the street with elegance and harmony. One elephant stands out in the procession, quietly clutching something. Curious viewers immediately learn that the elephant is carrying an inactive, lifeless calf.

The herd pauses gravely, and the elephant with the modest load tenderly places the deceased calf. The others form a respectful circle. This scene is poignant because it shows shared pain and mourning.

Parveen Kaswan aptly titled the video, “The family just don’t want to leave the baby.” Their behavior resembles a funeral cortege.
Researchers and observers are amazed by the elephants’ inherent veneration for the departed and comprehension of their deep pain.

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