To check on her partner, a woman hid under the bed.

To check on her partner, a woman hid under the bed.

Irritated because her husband was late again, she left a message saying, “I’ve had enough and have left you. Don’t bother contacting me.”
Then she hid beneath the bed to observe his reaction.

After a bit of time, her husband returns home, and she can hear him in the kitchen before he enters the bedroom.

She saw him stroll over to the dresser and pick up the note.
He scrawled something on it after a few minutes before picking up the phone and calling someone.
“She’s finally left…
Yeah, I know, I’m going to see you, put on that gorgeous French nightgown.”
“I love you…
I’m looking forward to seeing you…
We’ll do whatever dirty things you want.”
He hung up the phone, grabbed his keys, and walked away.
As she emerged from beneath the bed, she heard the car pull away.
She was enraged and had tears in her eyes.
She took the note to see what he had written…
“I can see your feet. We’re out of bread; I’ll be back in five minutes.”

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