A sign after a dog is hit by a car makes the entire neighborhood talk

A sign after a dog is hit by a car makes the entire neighborhood talk

A man’s life was turned upside down when a speeding vehicle in his neighborhood caused the unintentional death of his dog. In the hope that it might prevent any such tragedies, he put up a sign in his yard to alert motorists who were driving too quickly through the area. The placard stated that we had to bury our dog the previous week because we won’t slow down. If you do anything to injure even one of my children, your family may put you to death.

The picture of the placard became extremely famous very quickly when it was uploaded to Reddit. The readership’s response to the man’s outspokenness over the safety of residential neighborhoods was overwhelmingly positive. In addition to this, they directed their anger towards the reckless drivers who speed through residential neighborhoods, putting the lives of children and animals in danger.

Other people who read the article, on the other hand, criticized the dog’s owners for letting their pet to run free without keeping it on a leash or securing it in a yard that was enclosed by a gate. They argued that the ultimate responsibility for the safety of children and pets lies with the owners of those animals, not with motorists who could be driving too quickly through residential areas.

In spite of the divergent points of view, the sign served as a forceful reminder of how important it is to practice defensive driving and to keep pets in an appropriate manner.

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