Why he evicted his sister and nieces

Why he evicted his sister and nieces

An angry man has taken to Reddit’s famed “Am I the A*e” post to express his feelings about a sticky situation.

The man, who chooses to remain anonymous and is known as the Original Poster (or OP), recently wrote a detailed article about an incident that occurred during his sister’s and nieces’ (16-year-old) visit to him and his wife.

His sister had recently divorced and is now homeless with her two daughters.

When she requested that they remain with him for a bit, the generous man agreed.

The man’s wife is self-conscious about her hair.

The man’s troubles were just as serious as the sister’s and her daughters’ as they dealt with the fallout from her divorce.

His wife developed cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, which had the unintended consequence of causing her to lose her hair.

Being publicly bald made the man’s wife quite self-conscious, so she went out and purchased a wig that looked exactly like her natural hair.

The man stressed in his article how he urged his wife to purchase the wig, knowing full well that it would increase her self-esteem.

His wife’s wig caught the attention of his adolescent nieces the day they moved in; they wanted to try it on, touch it, and even ask her why she wore it.

They apparently went so far as to ask the man’s wife whether they could straighten and style her hair to see how it would look, but she declined.

She also told her husband’s nieces that she was uncomfortable taking off the wig in their sight, despite their pleas to see her bald body.

The two nieces pull a trick on each other.

However, shortly after returning home, the man discovered his wife’s excessive sobbing in their bedroom. He couldn’t enter because the door was shut, so he couldn’t check on her.

His wife unlocked the door after he constantly inquired about her well-being and what was wrong. His wife sobbed into his arms, recounting what had happened while he was away.

The man was unmoved, however, especially after telling his sister that her daughters were brutally filming his wife.

“I lost it on her too and told her she and my nieces are no longer welcome to stay at my home and they needed to leave,” the man revealed.

“I later let them know about the eviction since they thought I wasn’t serious and they started crying begging that I let it go. But my wife is no longer comfortable around them after what they did. My sister called our [elderly] dad and he begged that I let them stay and insisted my nieces were just acting like typical teenagers. He offered to speak to my wife but I declined,” the man’s post read.

To wrap things up, he mentioned that his sister has been pleading with him to change his mind, but he insists on being firm.

He proceeds to inquire as to whether or not the forum members believe he is mistaken.

Internet users supported the man
Almost everyone on the forum thought he was doing the correct thing, which is not unexpected. “[Not the a**e]. At ALL. For f’s sake they were recording – they were actively trying to humiliate your cancer stricken wife. You better evict them. Your poor wife. Holy shit,” one person wrote.

They added: “[…] don’t let your dad even approach your wife over the phone. Seriously don’t – he’ll try to convince her she’s wrong and not those horrid brats.”

Another person agreed, saying: “‘They said it was just lighthearted prank.’ This is at the very top of my list as ‘things [aes] say when they do sy things and can’t bear being held accountable.’ I know this chorus all too well, and I don’t believe it one bit. Why would they choose to specifically prank her about her disease? Why wouldn’t they apologize after the ‘prank’ – which was supposed to be fun – made your wife massively upset? Why would they record her, for f’s sake? This is not a prank and was never meant to be one.”

In light of this event, what are your thoughts? In your opinion, was it more harsh than simply a little “lighthearted” fun on the part of the teenage girls? Post a comment and tell us!

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