Items That Had the Internet Anxiously Searching for Clues

Items That Had the Internet Anxiously Searching for Clues

The best available detective right now may be found online. Furthermore, there are so many enigmatic objects around that we unquestionably require detective abilities, such as the internet.

Only the collective intelligence and knowledge of the millions of online users could decipher some of the posts on the subreddit “What is This Thing?” (WITT).

20 of the most enigmatic objects we could find are listed below:

Question: My 3-year-old came home from an extracurricular activity where he can exchange tickets at a “store” for what’s usually dollar store items. It’s rubber/ silicone, the size of a fingertip, doesn’t erase, about as hard as a bouncy ball but doesn’t bounce like a bouncy ball. Doesn’t light up. What is it?
Answer: It looks like an ’80s light bulb eraser without the metal bottom editing to add they never really erased anything.

2. Curious Bell

Question: An iron cone on either side of a gate outside the entry to a building in Bath England.
Answer: It’s a snuffer. A visitor to your house would use it to put out their torch.

3. Golden Pig

Question: What is this thing? Small gold pig container with a removable tiny spoon for a tail.
Answer: Salt cellar. Also, known as a Salt Pig. It is a utensil to have salt easily accessible by your side while working in the kitchen before the age of shakers.

4. Road Safety

Question: What are these blue reflecting markers for? They are mounted on a pole, facing the field.
Answer: They are reflecting the headlights of cars to the fields so that deer avoid crossing the road. So it’s for the safety of cars and animals.

5. Old Car Accessory

Question: Found on the dashboard of an old GMC. A lucite-like material, with ridges.
Answer: It’s a traffic light viewer. Traffic lights back in the day were mounted on the same side you stopped on which sometimes made it difficult to see the light if you were first in line, this helped reflect the light from above so you could tell when the light changed.

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