Sad news about beloved actor Tom Selleck

Sad news about beloved actor Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck became well-known in the 1980s as Thomas Magnum, a private eye, in the television series Magnum P.I. Since then, the actor has had a wildly successful career, most recently portraying Frank Reagan, the commissioner of the New York City Police Department, in the series Blue Bloods. Fans started to worry about the actor’s health nevertheless when rumors started to spread that he had an “incurable sickness.”

Fans were thrilled to see that Selleck was in good condition despite their concerns when he reprised his role in the American police procedural program Blue Bloods. According to rumors, a stunt double had to be employed for several of the show’s scenes because the 76-year-old actor was unable to keep up during filming the CBS series. An unidentified insider claimed, “Macho Tom is crumbling apart before our eyes.”

Speculation and rumors persisted that Selleck may retire and end his involvement with the well-liked police drama.

OK! According to reports, the actor was “weary of the Hollywood grind” and preferred retirement because he has trouble breathing and maintaining “stamina” on set.

According to the report, “[Selleck] is tired of the grind and the show really wears him down more and more each season.”

Another source indicated that the celebrity had been using powerful steroids to combat a long-standing case of arthritis, which impairs his joints and movements. This could account for some viewers’ observations that he was walking with a small limp.

In contrast to rumors, Selleck himself and a spokesperson for him addressed the show’s future and thoroughly dispelled any talk of his probable retirement.

Tom is not retiring, a spokeswoman said in a succinct but direct statement. Story over.”

Selleck, on the other hand, stated in 2020 to People that he believed there was “a lot of life in the show [Blue Bloods]” as long as characters could develop and “become older.”

Selleck responded, “Let me stress that it’s not like you can hire a new detective and bring him to the family dinner table,” in response to the question of whether he would leave the show before it ended in another interview.

These individuals are linked. Thus, as long as my fellow performers wanted me to return, and that was my only true criterion, I was coming back. Both of these statements give a definite indication that his role might remain on the show for a while.

The celebrity has not yet made any comments about his potential arthritis. Selleck made no mention of any health concerns in his 2019 memoir Untitled.

The former Friends star admitted that his 65-acre ranch residence, where he lives and works, “keeps [him] sane.

The actor is unquestionably in excellent health and will work and appear on Blue Bloods for as long as he is able to, but arthritis is a major illness that many older actors suffer, which strains their careers.

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