Prayers needed for Rod Stewart

Prayers needed for Rod Stewart

Sir Rod Stewart has revealed that he has successfully beaten prostate cancer, three years after receiving the diagnosis.

The 74-year-old guy made this disclosure while speaking at a charity event. He said that following a routine physical exam, he received his diagnosis in February 2016 and that he went into remission in July.

No one is aware of this, but I felt it was time I let everyone know, he stated. Nobody is aware of this, he claimed. “Because I caught the issue when it was still small, I’m right now clean and free. There are several examinations I have coming up.

The male audience members were yelled at by Stewart, “Guys, you really need to get to the doctor. You can put your finger up your keister and it won’t hurt.

Stewart attended the occasion to support The Prostate Project and The European Tour Foundation, together with his former bandmates Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones from The Faces.

During a recent interview with The Mirror, Tim Sharp, president of the Prostate Project, stated that “experience has proven what a significant difference high-profile celebrities can make when they ‘come out’ about their cancer.” The disclosures made by Bill Turnbull and Stephen Fry about their battles with prostate cancer are two great examples.

We have no reason to doubt that Sir Rod’s decision to make his commitment to fight cancer public will have the same impact.

After receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2017, Fry underwent surgery for the condition. Earlier this year, he claimed that he had “dodged a bullet” after the disease was found during a routine check-up.

In the UK, one in eight men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives. The most common type of cancer in men, as a result, is prostate cancer. The illness affects men more frequently than women over the age of 50. It is crucial to have regular exams since, like with most cancers, the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are not always obvious.

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