Sending prayers to Chuck Norris and his family in these difficult times

Sending prayers to Chuck Norris and his family in these difficult times

In action flicks with stunts, martial arts, and badassery, Chuck Norris is unmatched.

The 82-year-old Oklahoma native has appeared in over 40 movies, but his big break came later.

Chuck’s second marriage is still strong. He has five children.

He just disclosed worrisome health facts concerning his wife.

Born March 10, 1940, in Ryan, Oklahoma, Chuck Norris. He was “the bashful child who never excelled at anything in school” as the oldest of three sons.

Chuck Norris’ youth

Norris had a rough childhood. Chuck’s father—a heavy drinker—disappeared when he was 10 years old, leaving Wilma alone.

By Chuck Norris’ 15th birthday, the family had moved 16 times. They moved to California.

Wilma, a fervent Christian, ensured Chuck and his brothers Wieland and Arron attended church wherever they lived. Norris became close to God.

By 14, North Torrance High School student Chuck was taking on extra household duties. He watched his brothers while his mother worked and studied.

Wilma told Chuck every day, “God has a purpose for you.

“She loves Jesus with all her heart and soul and made sure we learned that [growing up],” he told Baptist Press.

She gave me a sense of duty and spirituality that lasted into adulthood. I never understood her when she said God had plans for me. Now, I think.

Chuck married high school girlfriend Dianne Holechek in 1958. We’ll get back to that.

He became interested in the army about the same time. He joined the US Air Force after marrying Holechek.

Chuck Norris’ fame

After arriving in South Korea, Chuck Norris was assigned to Osan Air Base to practice martial arts.

Luckily, his military service gave him his famous moniker.

During boot camp, a Hispanic man in Chuck’s barracks at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, asked what Carlos meant in English.

According to Norris’ webpage, Charles is there. He continued, “Chuck is Charles’ pet name. I’ll call you that. My boys’ nickname Chuck stuck.

“Chuck quickly realized that he couldn’t arrest a belligerent alcoholic without grabbing his firearm,” according to the US Army website. He chose martial arts training. His tutor was Osan Gym Tae Kwon Do instructor Grand Master Mun.

Chuck taught karate after leaving the service in 1961. He has black and brown belts in judo and karate.

Chuck became a karate school franchisee. In the 1960s, he opened over 30 karate studios in the US, teaching Steve McQueen and Priscilla Presley.

He also competed extensively and earned the inaugural World Middleweight Karate Champion in 1968. Norris defended the championship five times, becoming one of the best mixed martial artists.

I faced experienced opponents.

Chuck retired in 1974. His karate schools had already crumbled.

I wrongly thought 500 schools were better than six. Two years later, I lost everything. I spent five years paying off all my creditors. Chuck added, “I was trying to figure out my life in the meantime.”

Chuck taught Steve McQueen. The actor advised Norris to act. Acting classes were pricey, which affected Chuck’s finances.

Norris concludes, “I discovered an acting school that I was able to attend on my GI bill through the military.”I studied acting again. I then looked for acting opportunities, but I was competing with more experienced actors.

“This won’t work,” I said. I wrote my own screenplay and sold the idea by sheer determination and trust. In 1977. That started my career.

Before that, Chuck played cult-like roles. Return of the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee, had a Colosseum fight sequence.

The legend’s origin is fascinating.

Chuck said it was amazing since Bruce was 145 pounds and my fighting weight in Rome was 168 pounds.

Chuck Norris’s riches and filmography

“You know you two don’t look much different in size, you need to be bigger than Bruce, can we make you bigger?” the film’s producers said to me after looking at us both. I asked, what?

He requested weight increase. I said, I don’t know. I asked how much weight to gain, feeling intimidated and scared. Can you put on 20 pounds? “I’ll try,” I replied.

“I started eating hamburgers and drinking malt,” Norris said. I lost weight quickly again since I exercised daily. I stopped exercising and focused on eating.

Of course, fat outweighed muscle (laughs). During the battle, I reached 180. I couldn’t jump, so you didn’t see me kick.

Despite not winning any Oscars, Chuck’s acting career was excellent. The Delta Force (1985), Code of Silence (1985), and Missing in Action (1984) are among his 40 films. (1986).

The 1990s saw Chuck’s acting career decline. When his assignments dwindled, he started new side pursuits. The result? He’s worth $70 million.

Norris has always supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, among other organizations. President George H. W. Bush helped him launch Kickstart, a nonprofit organization, in 1990.

The club teaches martial arts to middle schoolers in the US. Training kids not to fight is not the purpose.

Instead, it boosts confidence to prevent conflict.

Chuck Norris has a family.

Norris added that Kickstart is part of Gina and my God-given purpose. “We work with inner-city youth who have no self-start and are on the wrong path. Two strikes already.

Kickstart, our martial arts curriculum, teaches kids morality.

Chuck married his high school girlfriend, Dianne Holechek, in 1958. Mike and Eric were their children.

Chuck had a 1997 Dallas restaurant date. However, he noticed another woman.

That woman was Gena O’Kelley. Chuck and Gina married in 1998 and remain in love.

On their 20th wedding anniversary, Chuck, who calls his wife his best friend, posted a touching Facebook tribute.

My first love was 22 years ago. Norris wrote that we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.

“Gena… You are the best wife, mother, and friend a guy could ask for. I love you, Gena.

Gena and Chuck Norris have two children: Danielle and Dakota. Their life altered about ten years ago.

He quit filmmaking to care for his sick wife.

Gena’s condition has worsened. In 2013, she was injected. Gena claims she noticed something wrong immediately.

“Within hours of the first needle, my body burned like acid had been injected. The fire grew despite initial containment. I was IV-dependent for five months. Chuck never left my couch. “I prayed to live long enough to raise my kids,” she added.

Gena now suffers renal and nerve pain. They believe MRI injections poisoned her.

Gena and Chuck sued 11 healthcare entities for restitution.

Her husband has cared for Gena since. He stopped everything to focus on his wife. They say they spent approximately $2 million on therapy.

Chuck stated, “My whole life is about keeping her alive right now. I quit movies to focus on Gena. “You claimed it’s vital.

“Frustrating and painful,” Gena said. “Chuck and I are determined to change that.”

Chuck Norris and Gena should succeed. She should get well shortly.

Chuck Norris is a fantastic husband and father. Share this story on Facebook to honor him.

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