76-Yr-Old Instagram Influencer Stuns Haters

76-Yr-Old Instagram Influencer Stuns Haters

When most of us think about Instagram influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is beautiful young women who constantly post pictures of themselves. There are other types of influencers as well, however, and they can have an impact on our lives in a very positive way.

This includes Candace Leslie Cima. Despite the fact that she had some people hating on her for posting pictures in her 70s, she has come out swinging and has shown us what it is really like to live in your 70s and be happy.

She also has a TikTok account, associated with the username lifeinmy70s. Considering the fact that she has almost 100,000 followers and millions of likes, it’s easy to see that people appreciate what she has to offer.

The majority of people who follow Cima are more than happy with her and they love and provide her with lots of support. There are also some who speak negatively, asking her why she would wear that type of clothing at her age.

Back in 2022, she wore a white tank top and pair of jeans, along with strappy white heels. Some people were hating on the clip but others were rising above the negativity to say something positive.

That’s also where she revealed that she was 75 years old.

Cima admits that she has always had a fascinatation with aging. After all, she owned and operated a senior housing community for more than three decades. She knew that older people had a lot to offer.

She also shared something on Instagram that made people stop and take notice. She was thankful to celebrate her 76th birthday in Key Largo and created a memory for all of us with a video of her wearing a bathing suit.

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