‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Just Made The Most Heartbreaking Announcement

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Just Made The Most Heartbreaking Announcemen

New revelations have emerged regarding the tragic passing of Adam Harrison, the son of Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his death.

Adam, 39, tragically passed away on January 19, as confirmed by his representative, Laura Herlovich to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His father, Rick, has since disclosed that Adam died of a fentanyl overdose.

The news of Adam’s death was first reported by TMZ, who detailed that he was found deceased in an unidentified person’s guesthouse in Las Vegas.

As previously reported, the Harrison family has been grieving Adam’s sudden loss, and Herlovich shared a brief statement on their behalf, saying: “Our family is extremely saddened by the death of Adam. We ask for privacy as we grieve his loss.”

Adam was Rick Harrison’s second child from his first marriage to Kim, making him the younger brother of Corey Harrison. Rick later remarried Tracy, with whom he shares a son named Jake.

While Adam did not appear on the popular unscripted series Pawn Stars, which features both Rick and Corey, he reportedly worked at the family’s business, Gold & Silver Pawn, before the show premiered in 2009. However, he had not been actively involved in the pawn shop in recent times

Talking to Fox News recently, 58-year-old Rick hit out at politicians for being “complicit” regarding rising fentanyl-related deaths across the country.

“There’s so many different places you have to start at, all at once, but one of the major ones is get the d**n stuff out of the country and stop making it so cheap to get high,” he said.

The TV star then added: “My understanding is it’s like $5 to buy a fentanyl pill. Anybody can afford it. I mean, make it difficult. Let’s start arresting the people selling it, arresting the people bringing it over the border, close down the border, make it really expensive. Let’s make a fentanyl death rare.”

Rick continued: “It’s insane because they’re letting it happen. They’re literally letting it happen. They’re not doing anything about it. So they’re complicit in all these deaths.”

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