A Video Showed The Gesture Taylor Swift Made On The Pitch Immediately After Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl Victory

A Video Showed The Gesture Taylor Swift Made On The Pitch Immediately After Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl Victory

You couldn’t have missed Taylor Swift’s face if you watched the Super Bowl over the weekend, even if you’re not a fan.

Given Swift’s public friendship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, it was only natural that she would be talked about in the news during the event. Over the past few months, they’ve become one of the most talked-about couples in the world. This is partly because Swift has become probably the most famous person in the world very quickly.

The NFL season came to a romantic ending for the couple this past Sunday, when Kelce’s Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime to win the Super Bowl.

The sound of music There were a lot of news stories about Swift after the game in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was watching the game.

Of course, not everyone likes how much attention the 34-year-old has been getting at NFL games. Many sports fans don’t like how the cameras seem to cut back to Swift every time Kelce’s name is mentioned, but no one can deny how touching it was when they met again on the field at the end of the Super Bowl.

In fact, a video clip taken right after the Chiefs won the Lombardi Trophy is slowly going popular. It shows Swift walking down to the field with Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna.

Travis moved right toward his family and friends as soon as he saw them. Some fans say that Swift can be seen on camera taking a step back to give Donna Kelce a moment to be alone with her boy first.

Many people commented on the video in question, which has become very famous on TikTok. One said, “The way she is so respectful of his relationships with his parents and he’s so soft with her. She deserves this love.”

Another added: “The way she ALWAYS lets Donna get that first hug.”

A third chimed: “He’s so good to her. She’s so respectful for letting mama get hugs first.”

Just yesterday, it was said that Travis Kelce had hugged his mother and then said three words to Swift.

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Some people thought before the game that Travis might ask her to marry him if the Chiefs won. He didn’t do that, though. Instead, he turned to Swift and said, “Come here, girl.”

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