King Charles flew back to London by helicopter

King Charles flew back to London by helicopter

After a short stay at the royal estate in Sandringham, UK, King Charles has returned to Buckingham Palace.

It was said that the King and Queen Camilla were seen arriving by helicopter at the palace grounds earlier today. Last week, Charles started getting treatment for cancer. He then went to Sandringham to rest and get better.

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Hey there! Magazines say that the king or queen has now gone back to London to continue his treatment. He chose to go to Sandringham because it gives him more privacy than usual.

A source told the news outlet, “The King can find peace of mind at Sandringham when he goes there.” As an example, one of the tour guides said that he likes having breakfast and afternoon tea with his lovely gardens in the background. Sometimes the King lives upstairs, even when the house is open and other people are there.

The royal family has kept quiet about Charles’s health, as they usually do. The public has not been told what kind of cancer the King has or what stage he is in, even though they knew he had it after his planned surgery to treat an enlarged prostate.

In their first statement, Buckingham Palace said, “During the King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted.” More tests have since shown that it is a type of cancer.

This morning, His Majesty started a regular treatment schedule. During this time, doctors have told him to avoid public duties. His Majesty will continue to do State business and official paperwork as usual during this time.

We do know that Prince Harry went back to the UK last Tuesday to meet his father in private for the first time since Queen Elizabeth died. The King is said to have told his closest friends and family about his illness in person.

Sources told the Daily Mail last week that the King was “on good form” after the start of his treatment.

However, it is thought that Charles may have to take a long break from his official duties and public appearances as his treatment begins.

Robert Hardman wrote Charles III: New King. Brand-new court. “The Inside Story,” told Today on BBC Radio 4: “I think we probably won’t see him at Westminster Abbey now.”

“There will definitely be a statement or message, and he will want to respond to that.” That’s when the monarchy’s absence is felt, but the day-to-day business of the reign won’t really change.

We want to send King Charles our love and support.

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