John Schneider Slammed For Beyonce Country Album Comments

John Schneider Slammed For Beyonce Country Album Comments

John Schneider, an actor and singer, said that Beyoncé was like a dog marking its territory.

The 63-year-old Dukes of Hazzard star said that President Joe Biden “should be publicly hung.” He said this in an interview with the conservative network One American News.

People asked him what he thought about “leftist” musicians who play different types of music, like the 42-year-old singer.

Fans of a Renaissance music artist were putting pressure on an Oklahoma radio station to play his new country music.

“Those leftists in the entertainment business can’t leave any area alone, right?” “They just need to take charge of everything, don’t they?” Schneider was asked by the host.

Like a dog in a dog park, they have to leave their mark,” he replied. Every dog has to leave its mark on every tree, right? That’s what’s going on here.

Following this, he said that it’s usually the other way around, with country artists like Shania Twain trying to break into pop music.

He then said, “I know a little something about country music.”

In the 1980s, John put out his own country music.

Beyoncé dropped her country song Texas Hold ‘Em out of the blue during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

At the same time, she announced the date that her eighth studio album, Act II, the second in the Renaissance trilogy, would be released. This album is expected to have a lot of country influences.

A Beyoncé fan said on the social media app X on Tuesday that his local country music station, 100.1 KYKC, wouldn’t play the song.

He wrote, “I asked my local country radio station (KYKC) to play Texas Hold ‘Em, and after I did, I got an email from them saying, “We don’t play Beyonce on KYKC because we are a country music station.” Hey, @BeyLegion.

At the end of his tweet, Justin tagged Beyoncé Legion, which is Beyoncé’s biggest fan club. He then wrote a thread accusing the station of racism and telling other fans to email and ask for the song too.

Many fans were more than happy to do so. For example, lawyer Keaton Grant joked, “They got my Oklahoma attorney a** typing an email,” and he included a screenshot of the awful proof in his tweet.

Other people sent Justin a lot of angry replies and quote tweets about KYKC and how upset they were that Beyoncé, who is known for her work in other genres, had ignored what was clearly a country song.

After fours and 3.2 million views, KYKC wrote on their X account, “Lots of calls coming in for Beyoncé’s Texas Hold ‘Em.” “It will be on in a minute,” they said, attaching a picture of the song in the queue.

A representative from South Central Oklahoma Radio Enterprises (S.C.O.R.E.), which owns KYKC, told MailOnline, “At first, we didn’t even know she was putting out a country song.”

“Then when people started asking for it, we didn’t have it at all.” It could not get to us through any label or distributor. That’s why we couldn’t play it.

We got the song in the end, after many calls and emails, and put it on our country station, KYKC. It’s also on our Top 40 station, KXFC, and our classic hits station, KADA-FM.

We are fans because we have played Beyoncé for 20 years.

When asked about the racism claims, the representative said, “First, we are owned by a minority-owned company, so there’s that.”

“Next, if the music is good, we play it.” It doesn’t matter who it is or how they look.

Third, we welcomed Beyoncé when she first came out many years ago. She has always been an important artist for us, especially on two of our stations.

“To be honest, we didn’t know she had released a “country” song, and no one sent it to us.” We put it on our Playlist as soon as we got it.

Soon after, Beyoncé fans and people on social media sites like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) shared their thoughts on John’s comment.

‘Don’t open your mouth to speak on her again,’ one wrote, and ‘You know you canceled, right?’

“D**n, did you really say that Beyoncé was like a dog marking her territory???!” That’s crazy because country music wouldn’t exist without black people. If it weren’t for black men, you wouldn’t be important…humble much? Someone wrote.

Someone wrote, “Talking about the queen gone cast ya,” and someone else typed, “you got the nerve to use a dog as a metaphor for Beyoncé…you should be ashamed of yourself…”

“But I know that your white privilege won’t let you be, so the beyhive WILL punish you and your family for the rest of your dull white life until you say sorry.” Stream Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages Act II Out 3.9.

“Beyoncé can sing, dance, make art, direct movies, and do anything else she wants.” A fan wrote on X, “It’s time for the Hive to start buzzing because John Schneider laid with Black women on a show produced by a Black man and then called Beyonce a dog.”

“He does know that she is from TEXAS with a T, right?” – ONE,” wrote another. “And John Schneider isn’t even from Texas…but Bey-once is.” Like his songs and acting, he’s not very good. It’s #Beyonceiscountry.

Someone on social media wrote, “Comparing @Beyoncé to a dog is racist and hateful.” I’m glad she’s here because I like country music. Let’s see what she has to offer. John Schneider is another bad white supremacist. Yes, Beyoncé.

John Schneider says that Beyoncé’s new country music sounds like a dog going to the bathroom: “Leftists Are Trying to Take Over Everything.” “I believe he is writing about his own failed music career,” wrote someone else.
Say, “Everything is ours!” That person should know their history, wrote another fan. Another said, “CANCEL JOHN TODAY, DON’T APOLOGIZE JOHN, YOU MEAN IT.”

“This is racism at its best,” wrote one. People who used to work on Dukes of Hazzard have compared Beyoncé to a dog peeing because she wants to make a Country Western album. He needs to learn more about Country Western.

“It’s crazy that he’s calling Bey a dog when a black MAN signs your check,” another fan said.

Someone else wrote, “Lol.” And someone else typed, “Well d**n.” He was on a black network show, so I guess that was his… Black people created the genre, but they can’t join now.

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