8 BODY Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

8 BODY Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Our bodies constantly communicate our health status through various signs. Here are eight important cues to pay attention to:

Yellow Skin: Jaundice can turn your skin and eyes yellow due to liver issues. It’s a sign of excess bilirubin in your system.
White Dots on Nails: White specks on your nails may indicate deficiencies in protein, calcium, or zinc.

Blisters and Cracks: Dehydration or using the wrong lipstick can lead to lip issues. Also, watch out for clubbed fingernails, possibly linked to digestive or lung problems.

Mouth Sores: Internal mouth ulcers can result from stress, hormonal changes, or vitamin B-12 deficiency.
White Eyelid Pimples (Styes): Dry skin or diabetes can cause styes near your eyelashes.
Cornea Ring (Arcus Senilis):

A grey or white ring around your cornea may signal high cholesterol levels, especially if you’re not elderly.
Red Tongue: Infections, vitamin deficiencies, or oral herpes can make your tongue excessively red.
Always listen to your body’s signals, as they could reveal underlying health issues.
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