King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, beginning treatments, the Palace reports

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, beginning treatments, the Palace reports

King Charles is dealing with a serious health issue. The Palace has announced that the head of the British monarchy has been diagnosed with cancer.

The type of cancer he has and the stage at which it was found are unknown. But according to the Palace, he began treatment today.

King Charles was admitted to the hospital a few days ago for an enlarged prostate operation. The treatment was regarded as routine, but it was during that process that the physicians found the cancer. According to the BBC, even though the type of cancer is unknown, it is not prostate cancer.

An additional matter of worry was identified during The King’s most recent hospital operation for benign prostatic enlargement. A type of cancer has been detected through additional diagnostic testing, according to the Buckingham Palace statement.

The statement goes on to say that as a result of the treatments, he would have to either reschedule or delay his royal obligations.

“Today, His Majesty began a regimen of routine medical treatments. Physicians have urged him to delay engagements with the public at this period. His Majesty will carry out routine official paperwork and governmental business at this time.

Because of a recent hospital procedure, the King is grateful to his medical team for their prompt assistance. He is still entirely satisfied with his care and eager to get back to doing his official duties as soon as feasible.

“In order to dispel rumors and to promote public awareness for all cancer sufferers worldwide, His Majesty has decided to disclose his diagnosis.”

The King’s most recent picture was shot yesterday, one day before the public was made aware of his diagnosis.

On their way to the Sandringham church service, he and his wife Camilla were spotted waving to the throng.

According to People, King Charles personally informed his sons of the diagnosis. William keeps in regular contact with his father, but Harry—who moved to sunny California when he and Meghan resigned from their royal duties—is anticipated to visit Britain in the coming days.

Prior to the announcement being made public, the King also individually told his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

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