Shocking update about Queen Camilla after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father confirms what we all suspected

Shocking update about Queen Camilla after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father confirms what we all suspected

Reports say that Queen Camilla was furious that Prince Harry went home across the Atlantic without first getting permission from the palace after hearing that his father had been diagnosed with cancer.

According to RadarOnline, which cited the National Enquirer, Camilla and her stepson have a tense relationship. They said that Camilla was to blame for the meeting between Harry and Charles being limited to thirty minutes.

Harry flew back to the UK from the US after hearing that Charles had cancer, reportedly from Charles himself. However, his return did not seem to lead to any future peace talks, as some had hoped.

Instead, Harry’s meeting with his father was short because the King reportedly took a helicopter to the royal estate of Sandringham. It was said that Harry wasn’t allowed to follow.

It is unknown what the father and son talked about, and it is not likely that anyone will ever know. The public has also not been told much about Charles’ cancer. We know that the King is getting treatment, but not many people know what kind of cancer he has or what stage he is in.

Anyhow, Harry’s recent trip to the UK wasn’t a big hit with the whole royal family. A lot of people think that Prince William didn’t want to see his younger brother, and today RadarOnline published a report that says Queen Camilla was furious about her stepson’s actions.

“Her Majesty was very angry.” Another source told the National Enquirer that Harry flew in from his fancy home in California without getting permission from the palace. He also came with a bad attitude.

It is said in the same report that Harry told Camilla to leave the room before he talked to his father. Camilla did not like this at all.

The source continued, “I’ve been told Camilla was furious.” “She took a lot of bile from Harry for years and couldn’t wait to give it to him.”

Harry and Camilla have been fighting for years, supposedly because Harry has insisted that she was the one who broke up Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

“Camilla has taken it all, but using her husband’s cancer as a cover story about how much she loves him was the last straw,” the source said.

“After the father-son reunion, I’ve heard she told Harry he’s a shame on his father, the family, and the monarchy, and she made it clear she doesn’t want him back!”

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