Kate Middleton advised to tell the truth about her illness

Kate Middleton advised to tell the truth about her illness

It was planned that Kate Middleton would have surgery in her abdomen on January 17 to fix a problem that wasn’t cancerous. That’s all anyone really knows. People want to know more, though, and have asked the Dutchess of Cambridge to tell them what’s going on.

She is resting and getting better at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, where her family is helping her, especially her mother Carole, who is taking care of the princes and princesses she has given birth to over the last ten years and a half.

Some people think it might have something to do with the fact that Middleton has been pregnant three times and may have had surgery to fix her acid reflux or a hysterectomy. She quietly checked into and then left The London Clinic after surgery.

If the King of England hadn’t been in for surgery on his prostate at almost the same time, it might have been seen as a normal private matter for the Royal Family. There was a lot of openness and talk about the matter after he did that, which made Middleton’s silence stand out even more.

To ABC People, Michael Jonnes says, “If she were here, I would tell her the same thing I tell everyone else: tell the truth.” Tell the truth, no matter how hard things get.

“Tell the truth, no matter what.” She is just as bad as everyone else if she’s not telling the truth to hide something. I don’t know what’s going on in her marriage.

“Do you want to keep your kids safe?” It might be… You should always tell the truth, or at least not lie.

Middleton’s problems with her husband
There are a lot of rumors that Middleton and Prince William, the heir to the throne, are not as happy as they seem to be.

Because of the stress over Prince Harry and what was called “unacceptable” behavior in their marriage, his wife is said to have given him a choice: get it together or be a national embarrassment.

Jonnes warned of the long-term effects on the Royal Family if Middleton keeps keeping her life a secret from the public, even though she means well.

“Yes, absolutely [if it will impact the Royal Family],” Jonnes said. “If you’re not telling the truth and you’re trying to cover things up, there’s a lack of authenticity.”

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