Tragic Kate Middleton update confirms our biggest fear

Tragic Kate Middleton update confirms our biggest fear

Speaking to E! News earlier this week, the singer-songwriter spoke candidly about the recovery process from the accident that apparently left her with a brain injury and memory loss
Grant, 63, is said to have hit a pothole while out riding her bike in Nashville in July 2022. Her initial injuries were considered minor, but she was held for observation and it now turns out that she’s still coming to terms with the effects of the crash.

“I still have issues with my short term memory. My balance is still weird,” Grant told E! News.

“I made a joke about it last night. You know, sometimes I walk around like I’m drunk and I just have to laugh about all of it.”
She went on: “I can’t remember what I can’t remember. I don’t know if I’ll get back on a bike. There’s so many great sports to enjoy and so… who knows.”
Not only that, but Grant revealed that doctors had found a cyst growing in her throat six months after her bike accident.
“I had this five hour surgery and they took it out. I had to learn to sing again,” she explained. “I just felt like an old beat-up car that went in and got a paint job.”
The Cleveland Clinic describe thyroglossal duct cysts (the sort Grant had) as something people are born with. They are usually benign, though can impede a person’s ability to eat and drink. In Grant’s case, the cyst impeded her singing.

Grant’s spell in hospital came after the Breath of Heaven singer, married to country music legend Vince Gill, underwent open-heart surgery in February 2021.
“My birth defect was an encroaching killer — and I had no idea,” Grant said at the time.
“So my advice would be take care of yourself. The world needs you. Even if you feel like everything is fine, you don’t really know what’s going on inside.”
Here’s to wishing Amy Grant a clean bill of health moving forward. She deserves it after all she’s gone through!

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