Denzel Washington Refuses To Work for Disney’s “Woke Cinematic Universe”

Denzel Washington Refuses To Work for Disney’s “Woke Cinematic Universe”

In a recent interview, Denzel Washington revealed that he declined a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that might have brought in more than $30 million. His opposition to what he saw as a “woke” theme served as his justification. Washington claimed that the idea of playing a significant figure whose concealed homosexuality will eventually come to light did not appeal to him
Despite Marvel’s denials that Thanos or Groot were the characters handed to Washington, fans have hypothesized that because Washington did not elaborate on the persona he was given, it might have been one of them.

It is difficult to pinpoint the specific superhero he was asked to portray given the variety of characters represented by Marvel. Even the possibility of Agent Carter and Black Widow having a love relationship has been suggested by certain fans.

Washington has been open about his reluctance to take part in stories he considers to be “woke.” He thinks that movies with a chance of winning awards, like “Remember the Titans,” are better places to use his acting skills.
Washington has chosen not to accept her 11 Black Oscar trophies despite being the recipient of them. His three customary Oscars are instead prominently displayed on top of his refrigerator.

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