“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find Hidden Cat in 7 Seconds

“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find Hidden Cat in 7 Seconds

Illusions are tricks that fool our brains. When we look at things, our brains fill in missing information to help us understand what’s around us.

Some pictures are made to trick our perception. They’re called optical illusions. People use them to see how well our brains pay attention.
Scientists study optical illusions to learn how our brains see the world.
Looking at optical illusions can help us get better at solving problems and thinking in creative ways.
Find Hidden Cat in 7 Seconds
Now, let’s play a game. In this picture, there’s a forest with a dog near a tree. But there’s also a hidden cat. Can you find it in 7 seconds?

Look closely at the image.
Did you find the cat?
If you did, great job! You have excellent eyesight.
Find Cat in 7 Seconds: Solution
If not, the cat is shaped like the outline of the tree.

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