He Asked Her How Many Men She Had Been With. The Ending Is Hilarious

He Asked Her How Many Men She Had Been With. The Ending Is Hilarious

We are likely to ask our partner a certain set of questions at some point in our relationship.

We can inquire about what they would do if we passed away or something even more terrible.

How many partners a man and a woman have had in the past is a question that frequently arises in the early stages of a relationship. Although it isn’t a simple conversation, it does happen frequently.

In the joke that follows, it happened to both the man and the woman, but it was overdone. Simply reading it will make it clear, but, to put it bluntly, you will be laughing at the conclusion.

A newlywed couple is lying in bed when the husband questions his wife about how many men she has dated. She doesn’t respond to his questions and keeps looking up at the ceiling.

The spouse presses the issue and says, “Just share it with me; it’s okay. How many men have you been with?” assuring her that he would understand. The wife’s eyes are riveted above, as there is still no response.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to upset you. I simply thought we could have an open and trusting relationship,” the spouse says after acknowledging that his words may have caused discomfort.

His wife, though, has remained silent. The spouse gives in and says, “That’s alright, please don’t be upset.”

The wife doesn’t respond to his attempts to comfort her. In an effort to close the gap between them, the husband starts to hug and kiss her affectionately while holding her close.

During this intimate moment, the wife finally breaks her silence. Transitioning from gazing at the ceiling, her expression transforms into one of frustration as she redirects her focus toward her husband. With a touch of exasperation, she exclaims, “Oh, come on! You’ve made me lose count!”

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