I Ditched a Woman I’ve Had a Crush On at the Restaurant on Our 1st Date & I Think I Was Right

I Ditched a Woman I’ve Had a Crush On at the Restaurant on Our 1st Date & I Think I Was Right

A man had been crushing on a woman at his gym for a while when he plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date. However, he soon realized it was a huge mistake, and he didn’t want to see her again.

An Indian man went on a date with a white woman he had a crush on from his gym. However, he discovered that her personality was not aligned with his.

In fact, the date went so badly that the man knew he never wanted to see her again, which led to him blocking her number. He also wanted to take more drastic measures never to have to see her again.

He turned to the internet to share his story and find out if he was wrong for leaving his date and blocking the woman’s number. Many netizens shared their opinions on his situation.

What Happened during the Man’s Date?
For the pair’s first date, the man booked a Korean barbecue restaurant. They sat at the bar for a while as they waited for their table, and when they were finally seated, the woman asked what the fire on the table was for.

The man was shocked that his date didn’t know what a Korean barbecue was but explained the concept to his date. He told her that they would be grilling their food themselves, to which his date asked:

“But why do we have to do all the work?”

The man told his date he thought it was fun but that they could order off the a la carte menu if she was not interested in the barbecue. She told him that the restaurant staff should do everything for them.

Although embarrassed by his date’s behavior, the man wanted to see the date through. By the end of their meal, the she asked for dessert. He agreed and requested the waitress for a menu.

After the waitress handed them the menu and walked away, the woman remarked that the “immigrants” were useless and that she was worried they were there illegally and using American tax dollars.

A nearby group heard what the woman said and began whispering amongst themselves. She noticed this and started to say awful things against them too, even using a racist slur against Pakistani people.

The man was horrified by this and was shocked that the woman would use this slur against the group, considering he was Indian. But when the woman saw her date’s expression, she clarified:

“Oh no, I don’t mean Latinos. They’re fine. I LOVE Mexican food.”

Although he was already disappointed by the woman thinking he was Latino and not Indian, the man saw the date through until the end of the dessert. Then he got up to use the bathroom, paid their bill with a tip, and walked out of the restaurant.

He left the woman at the restaurant, never mind that he had driven them there, and then blocked her number when he got home. He even thought about switching gyms because he knew he would see her there when he returned.

The man clarified that he only left her at the restaurant because he didn’t feel like he could spend twenty minutes in the car with her after what she had said and done on their date. He asked netizens if he was wrong.

The man soon found out that many people believed he was right for leaving and blocking her number and commended him for paying the bill, considering everything the woman had put him through.

However, other people told the man he was wrong for leaving the restaurant staff to tell the woman what happened. Some people felt the man should have explained why he was going.

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