Cause of Baltimore Ship Crash Revealed!

Cause of Baltimore Ship Crash Revealed!

A Baltimore port employee revealed alarming details about the cargo ship Dali just days before its collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. According to Julie Mitchell, co-administrator of Container Royalty, the vessel experienced a severe electrical malfunction just 48 hours prior to the accident.

Mitchell stated that during this period, the ship encountered repeated power failures, resulting in a complete loss of engine power and other crucial systems. She described instances where the refrigerated containers on board tripped breakers, prompting mechanics to attempt repairs.

The severity of the electrical issues raised concerns among industry experts. Mitchell emphasized that such problems are uncommon on cargo ships like the Dali and asserted that it should have remained in port until the root cause was fully addressed.

An officer on the Dali corroborated Mitchell’s account, recalling the harrowing moment when the ship abruptly lost power, leaving the crew in darkness. They described the scene as chaotic, with the unmistakable scent of burning fuel permeating the engine room.

This revelation adds a troubling dimension to the events leading up to the collision and underscores the importance of thorough inspections and maintenance protocols for maritime vessels..

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