She saw her husband at the church, who got vanished 17 years ago

She saw her husband at the church, who got vanished 17 years ago

Sally was content with her life, as was her spouse Richard. Richard was in love with Sally, while Sally was in love with her husband Richard. They dated for two years before getting married at age 26.
Then one day Richard was gone. He disappeared without a trace. Being an orphan, he too had no family. Sally was so distraught that she spent years working with the authorities to find him. Years went by, and she still waited for Richard to come back.

Sally only wanted her husband back, but other guys were attempting to win her over. Sally’s one buddy, Jake, had encouraged her to try things with a different man, but her friends weren’t so sure. Both he and she were providing for her, but she was reluctant to let go and go on because of her guilt.

She made the decision to concentrate on her engineering job, advanced in it, and began traveling the nation on business travels. Upon her early arrival on Sunday, she made the decision to attend a nearby church service.
She was heading out the door at the conclusion of the ceremony when she heard a familiar voice halt her. With her back to her, she noticed Richard. He turned to face the exit and there she was—Sally.
Are you okay, honey? Will we be arriving? Says the woman next him.
The woman said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you in the car,” and walked off. As he approached Sally, Richard muttered, “Not here. See me at Tom’s Cafe, River Street, 6 in an hour.
Richard showed up and got to work an hour later. “You want an explanation, I know that. I really am indebted to you for that.
Richard had a high school girlfriend before Sally. They made the decision to call it quits on their seven-year relationship. Richard then married Sally, at which point he acknowledged his continued love for Megan.
“You are aware that I waited for you for these years without getting married again?”
“What? No, you are not able to.
“Yes, I did.”
“Sally, I apologize.”
Sally called Jake as soon as she got back home and extended an invitation to supper.

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