Country Music Fans Disapprove of Taylor Swift, Express Discontent with Boos at Concert

Country Music Fans Disapprove of Taylor Swift, Express Discontent with Boos at Concert

At a stop on his One Night at a Time Tour 2024 in Indianapolis, Wallen made a playful jab at the pop superstar in front of a packed crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“This is the most attended concert in the history of this venue, and we’re the first to do it for two nights in a row,” Wallen quipped to the audience, as captured in a TikTok video by a fan. “I’m going to keep saying that until Taylor Swift comes to town in the fall,” he added, followed by a chuckle.

While some fans cheered for Swift, a noticeable portion opted to express their disapproval with boos. Wallen acknowledged the boos and emphasized that his comment was meant in jest, saying, “We ain’t gotta boo, we ain’t gotta boo.”

Before launching into a performance of “One Thing at a Time,” Wallen took a moment to express gratitude to his fans once more. “I appreciate that. I know ya’ll got my back.”

Although the remark was made in a lighthearted manner, it incited frustration among some Taylor Swift fans. One X user commented, “When you sell out stadiums all over America and overseas, give me a call. Taylor Swift has more class than you and your fans. She would never insult you, even though you deserve it. Stop using Taylor’s name to gain attention. I don’t see you insulting any male artists.”

However, others defended Wallen in the comments, interpreting his remark as a playful assertion of his popularity. “He basically said he’s the top performer at that stadium until Taylor Swift performs there in the fall lol relax, Swifties,” wrote one user.

Both artists embarked on extensive international tours last year and have continued to tour ever since.

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