Kelly Ripa ‘Uncomfortable’ During Tense Conversation About Cheating With Husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa ‘Uncomfortable’ During Tense Conversation About Cheating With Husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa, the beloved host of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” recently shared a deeply personal revelation about her decision to start therapy at the age of 40. In a candid and heartfelt discussion on her podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera,” Ripa disclosed that a seemingly innocent encounter with a friend at a bar mitzvah triggered her journey into therapy.

The catalyst for Ripa seeking professional help was when a friend asked her how she was doing, leading to unexpected tears. Reflecting on the incident, Ripa humorously shared, “I started sobbing, and I wasn’t entirely sure why.” Recognizing the need for support, her friend promptly recommended a therapist.

Therapy, according to Ripa, provided her with profound insights into self-discovery. “I really got to know myself,” she shared enthusiastically. “I finally understood why I had such difficulty embracing success of any kind.” This honest and authentic admission sheds light on Ripa’s ongoing struggles with social anxiety disorder, a topic she delves into further in her upcoming memoir, “Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories.”

In her memoir, Ripa reveals the daily challenges she faces due to social anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, she explains, “People think that because I’m an extrovert on television, I am one in real life. Surprise! That’s why they call it acting.”

Ripa’s revelations extend beyond therapy, delving into her broader emotional struggles. She openly shares, “I cry in the shower. I cry myself to sleep. I cry backstage. Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe.” These raw and vulnerable admissions showcase the pain and turmoil she endures in her personal life.

During the podcast episode, Ripa was joined by Tyler Perry, who shared his perspective on therapy. Although he himself has never participated in therapy, he noted how Meghan Markle spoke to him “like a therapist” during her tumultuous departure from the royal family. Perry emphasized the therapeutic nature of writing, a process he learned from his friend Oprah, describing it as “cathartic” and a way to externalize pain.

By sharing her own vulnerabilities, Ripa hopes to inspire others to seek help when needed and foster a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding mental well-being. Her openness and honesty encourage us all to prioritize our mental health.

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